Building Project Update - May 25th

What’s Happening

The priming and painting is starting in the Parish Hall as has the suspended ceiling; starting in the South and moving North towards the kitchen. The kitchen exhaust and fire suppression hood was installed and drywall work in the kitchen has commenced. The Savaria lift installation has also commenced and is scheduled to take 2 weeks. Lighting work in the Sanctuary has commenced.

What comes next?

Wiring for the fire detection and alarm system is continuing. Dry wall work, taping and plastering will be continued in the Admin area, North Lobby and Upper Hall. All floor finish materials have been ordered and will arrive soon. The wooden stairs from the platform outside the Sanctuary down to the Ground floor of the North Hall and then down to the Kitchen area; the lower Gloucester Entry stair and the Metcalfe Entry stair to the Parish Hall are now being constructed and will be installed in the next 2-3 weeks. In 2019, in order to meet the full project costs, it is important to meet our existing Capital Campaign pledges as early as possible, and to consider additional giving to meet the operational budget need, including the cost of mortgage payments.

James B