Building Renewal Project



Our church wants to serve in the heart of Canada’s capital

Our location is strategic and our mission is to be a blessing to our broader community. Ottawa is a diverse and growing city with a population of almost 1.4 million in the National Capital Region. Our church is uniquely situated between two major universities, 130 diplomatic missions and embassies, in the middle of the downtown core that hosts a medley of government and business sectors, and in a neighbourhood with some of the lowest per-capita household incomes and the highest concentration of social services.

Why Renovate?

Since 1885, our church has worshipped on the footsteps of Parliament Hill. The building has stood through 130 years of change in culture and politics, as well as withstood several earthquakes, lightning strikes, and blasting for the foundations of high-rises that now surround it.

For the past several years we have been aware that the building was in dire need of upgrade and real fixes to long-deferred maintenance. We realized that to continue to meet and serve from this location, our building needed to undergo a major renovation.

The work ahead of us is by no means easy or small. We invite you to partner with us!

We have embarked on a new phase of compassionate, biblical ministry in Canada’s capital city. As of early 2019, we have raised $1.3 million internally, with more to come in pledges, for the renovation of our building. We are seeking to partner with foundations and individuals who embrace our vision of being a Biblically faithful, Christ-like presence in the heart of Canada’s capital. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch


Q: Why has the church undertaken such a big renovation project?

A: St. Peter & St. Paul’s wants to continue to meet and serve from this location, therefore it was necessary to upgrade our building to bring it up to modern standards. This includes improved safety features and accessibility to all parts of the building. So we’ve taken the plunge! We are finally doing an overhaul of radically out-dated building systems to result in a much more functional facility. Why are we doing this? Our location in Ottawa’s downtown core is strategic and our mission is to be a blessing. This is an ongoing journey. We can only hope that this project will be a metaphor for the kind of transformation (a seismic one!) that can happen in all of us through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ.

Q: How long will construction last?

A: Construction began in May, 2018 and is expected to end in June, 2019.

Q: Where will we see the biggest changes when it’s all said and done?

A: The area beneath the sanctuary will no longer be many separate rooms, but one big, beautiful hall. The hope is that this can serve as an open (and inviting!) gathering area for any number of uses. There will also be brand new washrooms that can be easily accessed from the hall as well as a commercial kitchen! We will be able to do on-site cooking for Place to Go, other meals and ministries, and events like wedding receptions.

There will be a brand-new accessible foyer and an easy-to-use lift to all levels. In addition, upstairs there will be updated administrative offices, a kitchenette, and renewed lounge.

While you may not be able to see it, we are also re-shingling the roof of the Chancel (the ‘front’ of the Sanctuary) and the north hall (the building attached to the main sanctuary). Further behind the scenes, we will have improved lighting, fire detection system, security, air quality, better heat, and new plumbing and electrical systems.

Q: What kind of ministries is St. P&P’s involved in?

A: Every Friday night, we open our doors for A Place to Go, a ministry that welcomes the marginalized for a meal, or a card game, a visit, a service or a prayer. We are excited that with a renewed facility, and a brand-new kitchen and gathering hall, we will be able to feed and serve hundreds. In this way, and through many more ministries (for young and old and every walk of life), we believe that God can use this building and the people in it to carry out God’s good purposes here in this city, and in our world.

Q: How much does this project cost?

A: The entire project will cost over $3.7 million dollars, plus project financing costs. The majority of this will go to paying for the actual construction work. While this is an undeniably big number, much dedicated effort has gone in to ensuring that we can do as much as possible, for the best possible price. Our architect, John Donkin, and construction team at Bassi have been understanding and collaborative partners as we’ve honed the project scope.

Q: How is the church paying for the project?

A: We have already raised $1.3 million! This is a combination of grants, gifts (like cash), and pledges. We are also taking out a $2.5M loan through the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada Pension Fund that we’ll use to pay for construction costs and pay back as a mortgage starting in 2019. To pay for construction this year, we still need to raise additional money. Please check out the financing page for more information as to where we’re at in meeting this goal.

Q: How can I contribute or get involved?

A: This project is a means to an end, and not an end unto itself. If you are interested in helping with the fundraising effort, please get in touch. If you would like to get involved with existing ministries, or are excited about helping kick-start something new, we want to hear from you! The church office can help put you in touch with those on staff or clergy.

 Project Updates


Our budget remains at $3,604,285 plus $127,000 for roof replacement and repair.

Thank you for your generous pledges, gifts and offerings for this vital step in the future of our Church. Our fundraising goals remain unchanged: We continue to need to receive the pledged amounts for 2018, 2019 and beyond.

As of November 1, we need to receive additional gifts of $130,000 in 2018. A target for 2019 will be shared in the coming weeks.


How can you give?

In order to be successful, this project requires support from the congregation of St. Peter and St. Paul’s as well as our many friends of the parish. If you feel called to support our work, there are several ways in which you can give.

Begin a Multi-Year Pledge or continue an existing Pledge:

Pledge forms are available at the back of the church or by emailing the church office. Pledges can be made by regular cheques (please put capital campaign in the memo line), or by direct deposit. Please know, all pledges are treated in confidence by the church office.

One-time Gifts:

If you cannot commit to an ongoing pledge, please consider making a one-time gift to the project. One-time gifts can be made by regular cheques (please put Capital Campaign in the memo line), by direct deposit or online through Canada Helps (please put capital campaign in the message box).


St. Peter and St. Paul’s has an investment account and is set up to receive donations of stocks or securities. If you would like to support the project in this way, please be sure to note that you wish your donation to go towards the Capital Campaign.

Questions on Financing? Email

To pay for the project and the subsequent mortgage here’s what we need to raise each year:

Nov 1, 2018: Looking to raise $135k more in 2018

2019: $109k pledged to date

2020: $96k pledged to date

2021: $82k pledged to date

Pledges from 2019 onwards are key to paying the interest and principal of the $2.5M mortgage from the PAOC Pension Fund (annual payments total about $196k).

Contact Us

For questions about the project, please contact the church’s Project Management Group chair Mike Rushton:

For questions about fundraising, please contact the Capital Campaign Chair Marc Banzet:

Any questions or other concerns can also be relayed through the St. Peter & St. Paul’s Parish Office.